The Journey

Thanks for joining The Frugal Life. This website is designed to provide you with choices. By living a frugal life, you will find yourself with more choices. Stop wasting money on food you will never consume and find yourself with more funds to pay off crushing debt. Stop impulse buying and save more money to travel or pursue another passion. Lead a mindful, more frugal life and ultimately find yourself with more choices. Perhaps you will retire early or finally walk away from a miserable job. Maybe you will be able to move away from an environment you loathe, finally get that patch of land in the country you have always dreamed about. Perhaps you will be able to devote your time to a charity that you love or raise those dogs you have always dreamed of raising. The point is, a frugal life is a free life.

So, where to begin? A popular proverb states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We also know from countless studies that good habits are developed over time. Over time, small changes can add up to big changes so just for this week, let’s focus on three small changes.

1. Do not eat out. Instead, have a clean out the fridge week. Augment meals from your pantry but do not go to the grocery store.

2. Turn down your thermostat a whopping two degrees. Live in sweaters and under blankets if you must but turn down the heat.

3. Do not spend any money. No over priced lattes, fast food drive bys or anything else. Just for this week, the bank of you should be closed.

Since you are only doing this for a week, the three items above are entirely doable.

Next up: How to eat out of your fridge for a week.

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