Rise and Shine: Breakfast for Cheap


Apparently, there is some study out there that states that about 37 percent of Americans are morning people.

My question is, who are these morning people and what have they done with my nap time?

I am not, repeat, not a morning person. Oh, I function just like one but I am not, by a long shot, a morning person. And for the records, my friends are all the 21 percent night people, hands down. 

I do however, need to eat like a morning person. At least during the weekdays. On the weekends, I try and sleep in a bit longer and I then don’t feel like eating breakfast but during the week? Absolutely, I gotta get something in my stomach in order to jump start my day. So, below are my cheap short cuts for getting on with your work day while getting a breakfast that is both cheap and nutritious.

Insta-breakfast. Load your Instapot up the night before with steel cut oats and the recommended amount of milk. You then simply turn the appliance on in the morning for a few minutes and you have oatmeal for the week to reheat. Top with nuts and dried fruit for extra flavor. You can also load the mixture into your slow cooker and let it go all night on low and essentially get the same results.

Wrap and roll: On Sunday scramble up extra eggs and roll into tortillas with cheese and whatever odds and ends you happen to have. Roll your wraps in foil and reheat in a toaster oven or use wax paper or parchment paper to reheat in the microwave at work. The only downside to this pre-assembled breakfast is that my dogs absolutely love scrambled eggs so I have to make them on the sly or I get that woeful look of entitlement when I don’t share.

Pocket this. Pitas are for more than just lunch. Instead of a tortilla, you can swap out for a pita pocket. These are nifty little vehicles for stuffing just about anything you like for breakfast.

Breakfast bowlers. Mix up quinoa, rice, couscous or your grain of choice in a bowl with avocado, cheese, veggies, potato hash sausage and top with an egg you nuked in a ramekin for 52 seconds in the microwave. Go over a minute and the egg has a tendency to go boom and splatter bits of egg all over your microwave.

Yogurt Mash Ups. Take any type of favorite yogurt and top with nuts, fruit, chia seeds, granola, wherever your taste buds take you.

Quesadilla Quest. Make your favorite quesadilla with layers of veggies, scrambled egg, slivers of breakfast sausage, ham, bacon. Easy to make, store and transport.


Sausage Mac Anyway: Toasted English muffin + ham or bacon + slice of your favorite cheese + egg cooked any style + mustard for a bit of flavor = breakfast on the go quick and easy.

Go French: Grab a chunk of a baguette, a hunk of cheese, fresh fruit. Tres delicious.



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