Last Minute Gift Buying: 11 Budget Savers

Last minute gifting can really throw a wrench in your budget. You forgot this, you suddenly need to get that. It adds up, we all know this from first hand experience so for all you frugal types, below is a list of frugal last minute gifts that won’t break the bank:
1. Raid the dollar store and buy a mini laundry basket that you cram full of crafting materials from glitter pens to finger paints. For $20 you can thrill the youngster on your list.
2. Same thing for the cook in your life. Raid the dollar store for all sorts of gadgets and tools from apple corers to new whisks. Throw in a high end bottle of vanilla extract and new cookie cutters for bakers or a exotic salt and balsamic vinegar for the savory cook.
3. Send a reader to Middle Earth, or anywhere else they fancy. A boxed set of Lord of the Rings series, including where it all started with The Hobbit, costs about $30 on Amazon. For the younger readers, the Chronicles of Narnia Box Set is about $24 on Amazon. Even the Harry Potter complete set can be bought for about $60, even muggles can enjoy the wizarding world of Hogwarts.
4. For the commuter in your life, purchase books on CD. My BFF used to have a gruesome, grueling commute and so the only way she could indulge her love of literature and keep up with her book club was to listen to while stuck in her car. Lord of the rings on CD is under $22 for the complete set on Amazon.
5. The sound of music. It might seem lazy but in reality, if you have gifts to buy for teens, they usually love a gift card for the music vendor of their choice and $20 can buy a whole lot of downloads. 
6. It’s a bit tongue in cheek but I know a lot of (adult, well sort of) engineers and they all love superheroes so I bought them all Lego sets one year. Each gift was only around $30 and since each recipient literally stopped opening gifts to start putting their Lego set together, I’d say the gifts were a hit. Once a kid, always a kid.
7. Remember what your friends say and do. Last year, in the summertime a friend went to the Caribbean for vacation and while she had a great time, she complained that renting snorkel gear was expensive and seemed unsanitary. I responded at Christmas by gifting her flippers and mask. She hauls her gear everywhere now. Thoughtful and very reasonably priced. 
8. Yoga mat and DVD of some de-stressing yoga for your Type-A friends. 
9. Class. You can buy a cooking class or fix-it/repair class for under $60 in most cases. When a friend retired, she lamented that the cost of framing her precious travel photos was astronomical. Since I knew she was crafty and handy so I gifted her a class to learn how to do it herself. She now frames photos and art for friends, her work is that good.
10. Movies. I like gifting movie gift cards for friends who lament they never get to see movies. I know my friends are pretty cheap so when I do this, I am certain they won’t be able to resist using the card to see the latest in their local theatre. 
11. Super soakers. Back to most of my adult friends being kids at heart. I’ve gifted the biggest, coolest super soakers/water guns to friends who love to punk everyone. I’ve been soaked as a result but toys make adults smile and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?
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