The Frugal Case for Working From Home: Glass Full People, Glass Full

We frugal types are acutely aware of the current pandemic and its far reaching financial implications. Working from home per my employers new policy, I am now officially self contained although not self-quarantined. Always trying to keep the glass half full, I am focusing on the many frugal benefits to working from home.
Savings Benefits:
S is for saving money. Working from home inherently costs you and your company less money.
A is for adjusting. This pandemic is a situation that requires constant adjustments. You need to pivot and pivot often. One day I am in the office going over social media metrics, the next day I am working from home adjusting all my meetings to be held on line. Don’t fret, don’t panic, adjust.
V is for venue. Working from home, you get to utilize your home work space for once. Having renovated my guestroom/office recently, I finally get to take it for a test drive and everything is working out great. It was money well spent though my office cat, a.k.a., Phat Kitty, quickly went from being happy with the company to glaring at me for intruding on her privacy.
I is for ingenuity. Don’t isolate, be ingenious. I have been mindful to meet up with former colleagues and current friends for lunch dates at least twice a week. I also reach out in emails and video chats. Really important to not feel isolated in these times.
N is for nourish. Don’t neglect yourself, take this opportunity to nourish yourself and your work environment. I put on my famous slow cooker potato and broccoli soup in the morning and it is done by noon for a hot, delicious and very frugal lunch. I also use some of the extra time for sleeping.
G is for gas. My gas bill has been cut to next to nothing. More savings for me.
S is also for saving time. No commute means I have extra time that aside from sleeping more, I apply to saving more money by using all my frugal hacks. I have also adjusted my hours slightly to take advantage of slower times at the gym which is around the corner from my house.
B is for business as usual. As much as possible, try and maintain a routine. It may be adjusted to your liking and preferences if you are now working from home but try and maintain a business as usual approach to your daily life.
E is for entertainment. This is when you can catch up on all those movies and shows you have been meaning to binge watch. Fancy a LoTR marathon, starting with The Hobbit and ending with Return of the King?
N is for nature. We may not be out and about a lot in public but there is nature to be found right in your own backyard, I am using some of the extra time to clear out my backyard and plant for the summer.
E is for exchange. Exchange ideas and thoughts with other frugal types. Keep those lines of communication open.
F is for fit. Stay fit even if you have to workout from home. There are plenty of youtube fitness videos and on-line sessions as well as shows on cable that can help keep you fit.
I is for interests. Now is also a good time to pick up an old or even new hobby/interest that you have been meaning to pursue.
T is for tackling all those home projects you have been avoiding. Perfect time to purge your closet and clean out the garage.
S is for spring cleaning. Not the worst time to scrub your home and make it sparkle from top to bottom.
Finally, by now you know the drill; wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and hang in there!
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