This Has To Stop

For the first time in a very long time, I don’t know what to say. Oh, I have plenty of frugal topics to write about of course but this time I want to speak out, something I actually never do. But I am speaking out about injustice, and how society collectively feels about the cruelty and crime of what happened to that poor man in Minnesota and so many others.

This. Has. To. Stop.

There are riots happening in major cities including San Jose which is nearby to where I live. There are riots in many, many cities and this when people should be home, sheltering safely and waiting out this terrible pandemic. They should not be rioting or this angry or feeling this helpless.

None of this should be happening.

But it is.

I am not the type to riot though I am certainly angry enough and brimming over with a savage mixture of rage and grief and despair. I am more the reach out and lend a hand type. The buy groceries for a friend in need type. The pay for the soldier’s meal at the airport person and take off before he can thank me type. His service is thanks enough. I am also apolitical by nature and feel fiercely about minding my own business and keeping my opinions and my politics to myself. Privacy is one of the cornerstones of civil rights in my mind and I cherish my right to say absolutely nothing despite how strongly I may feel about any given subject. I vote, I exercise my civil rights, I mind my own business. But this time, I have to speak out.

Sam Sifton, food columnist from the NY Times, wrote in his food column about the ridiculousness of the day and how it seemed wrong to go and cook but cook he will because that is how he makes sense of the senseless. I found myself agreeing so, I got up and made one of my granddaughters fun Birthday Cake granola from ingredients I had on hand. I then baked up a pretty and fragrant gluten free carrot and pineapple cake for my daughter who is under the weather. I will top it with a raspberry cream cheese frosting because I happen to have both on hand. Cake seems nice. She likes a good cake and this one has toasted walnuts inside for extra crunch and texture. I then reorganized both freezers and tidied up an already tidy kitchen. I defrosted seafood for our weekly Sunday seafood feast. I am working with rock fish fillets tonight, bought cheap at my local grocery discount store. I have almonds, fresh herbs and lemons so I will do the fish in almondine style. I made waffles from scratch (dirt cheap) and shared then with my grateful dogs who adore a good Sunday morning waffle fest. I folded laundry. Put on makeup, ludicrous though that may seem. I then found a Harry Potter movie on one of the cable channels running a Harry Potter marathon and let it play. I could use a dose of good triumphing over evil right about now. I will do a bit of gardening here soon.

The point is, I am trying to strive for normal in a world and a day where our reality is anything but. I think that’s my best strategy, really. Be a good person and strive to do good in a world that’s topsy turvey right now.

And on that note, I think I will make my neighbors a loaf of bread. I have plenty of flour and yeast and my neighbors, last time I glimpsed them, they seemed down in the dumps. I think doing a kind deed, maybe that’s the trick to getting through a day which makes no sense to most of us.

And as I knead the dough and work my way through a task that I’ve done a thousand times before, I find that at least, makes sense. I know my way around a loaf of bread, dough, rising, punching down, rising again. That mundane task at least makes sense to me while the world around us burns with fury over another life unfairly stolen from this turbulent world. A world where the police chief and mayor of Santa Cruz, California take a knee with protesters.  A world where police, God bless their courage, lay down their weapons in Flint, Michigan and join protesters. A world somehow that is becoming united by one thought and one thought only:

This. Has. To. Stop.















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