New Year, New Something

It is officially 2022 and we all are into New Year’s resolutions including losing weight, eating healthier and of course, frugal friends, saving money. Instead of focusing on saving, let’s try something even easier.

Let’s not waste. No leftovers molding in the back of the fridge, no tossing half a plate full, no leaving lights on or water running. No idling the car in front of a store (and in the process, infuriating other patrons), no buying a bunch of clothes we don’t need…

You know the basics. So, make 2022 all about the execution of the basics. Studies tell us that most resolutions fail due to lack of execution. You have to establish a new habit by doing it daily so flex your frugal muscles the following ways:

  1. Stay off the easy to click and buy sites. You know the one I am talking about. Wait at least a week before buying something online. Give that too easy to buy site a rest.
  2. Don’t make dinner from scratch, use what you find in the fridge and freezer. I am continually surprised by what treasures I find in my freezer and fridge. You can avoid cooking something brand new and going to the grocery store for ingredients for weeks this way.
  3. Make do with what you have. We Americans have so darn much already. I just cleaned out my closet (typical year end chore that I actually like doing) and was shocked at how much I had not worn or used. I resolved to buy nothing at all in 2022 that I seriously did not need like new underwear, something basic like that.
  4. Speaking of basics, stick to the basics. Keep it simple. Flour, sugar, ground beef, milk, carrots, onions, you know, the basics. Steer clear of fancy ingredients and keep meal planning simple.
  5. Do not make any radical changes. Big changes cost big money so try and stick to an established routine and not make any radical changes like moving to an island and opening a serf shack.
  6. Streamline wherever possible. Maybe you really don’t need five streaming services, six all too tempting food delivery options and that posh cheese and wine of the month club. Maybe not so much.
  7. Stick to a simple savings program, one you can live with. You know the old adage, pay yourself first.
  8. Seems like everyone joins a gym come the new year. If you have not joined one, consider starting a FREE walking club with friends and neighbors first.
  9. Practice the three Rs first and foremost before you toss or buy a thing: recycle, reuse, repurpose. Goes along with use what you have but before you toss, consider the three Rs and see what you can use again and again.
  10. Resolve to develop one frugal habit for 2022, just one. Could be sewing, gardening, learning to perform basic home repairs, anything that saves you money. Start small and build from there because learning to live frugally is truly learning to live free.
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