Ten Hacks For a Frugal War Against Inflation

We all see it. We all feel it. Inflation. The cost of everything from food to gas to power seemingly going up every week.

Nobody is less happy about this than we frugal folks.

The good news is, nobody is also more equipped to wage battle against inflation than we frugal types.

So, how do we do this?

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Save, save, save. Now more than ever, cash is king. Save your money. Delay big purchases. Make do with what you already have. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose and all that. Frugal friends know how to do this like nobody else.
  2. Fight back. Call your power, streaming, cable, cell phone…all your vendors. Negotiate. Ask for a better deal and if you don’t get one? Find another vendor. Find a better deal.
  3. Stop driving. So much that is. Gas is tragically expensive so don’t drive so much. My daughter figured out that having her monthly big spend at the big box store delivered saved her a bundle in gas so she went for it and saved on gas as well as time.
  4. Tackle the grocery store like the frugal pro that you are. Eat in season. Eschew too much meat. Go for cheaper cuts when you do. Buy specials. Share bulk purchase with a frugal friend.
  5. Stop buying premade as much as possible. Make your own whether it be condiments, bread or anything you use a lot of. I don’t buy ready-made muffins. Ever. Same goes with most breads, marinades and pickled condiments.
  6. Vow to never waste a single leftover. That’s money you literally should just burn if you do.
  7. Make fast food is a thing of the past. It’s bad for you to start with and getting more expensive by the day. At least four days a week, I eat leftovers from the night before and they taste better than any dent in my pocketbook ever could.
  8. Bring out all the cheap culinary tricks. Lentils, beans, wheat bulgur, rice, all still pretty cheap. Take advantage and make them a regular staple in your meal planning.
  9. Leverage your garden like never before. Plant and harvest all that you can, deep into the fall and winter months if temperatures permit. Trade excess crops with other gardeners. I have tons of basil this year so have been making basil herb oil to trade for other veggies.
  10. Be cost savvy in your entertainment choices. Parks, beaches, hiking areas, all generally free. Picnics are cheap, days at the beach a treat but still inexpensive. Get creative.
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